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Infrastructure associates offers a wide variety of Infrastructure consulting services.  We describe some below, but contact us if your needs are not mentioned!

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Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans need to be customised to meet the needs of an organisation. The template provided by the international Infrastructure Management Manual is a good place to start, but you need to cater for differing audiences and address issues that are particular to the function and use of the assets. Utilising our experience in many asset management plans, we can help you develop a plan that suits your need and provides value to your organisation.

David also has a great deal of experience reviewing asset management plans and providing sound advice as to the improvements that will make a difference. David has completed reviews for many organisations including Christchurch City Council, Auckland Transport, Auckland Council Stormwater, Capacity, Wellington City Council, Whakatane District Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, ACTEW, and South Taranaki District Council.


David is a chartered management accountant and has led many infrastructure asset valuations for local councils in New Zealand. David has both undertaken the data analysis and valuations in off-the-shelf asset systems as well as in spreadsheets.

The valuations have been for transport, waters, parks and airport assets over the last six years while consulting for an engineering firm. Prior to consulting, David lead the valuation process at Auckland City Council, and has a good understanding of asset data in GIS, RAMM and other data systems.

Previous valuations include transport, three waters, parks and solid waste for councils such as Rodney District Council, Franklin District Council, Matamata-Piako District Council, Christchurch City Council, Ruapehu District Council, Manawatu District Council, Central Hawkes Bay District Council and Buller District Council.

Risk Management

David led the workshop with Wellington Water staff (then called Capacity) to review the asset and business risks facing the stormwater activity. This included providing a framework for review and leading the discussion and agreement of the risks, likelihood and consequence and required risk actions

Level of Service

Level of service are the key asset management planning tool to guide the activity and measure performance. If you need assistance developing levels of service and performance measures, then contact David.

Critical Assets

One of the key issues facing asset managers is that often all assets are treated and maintained alike. However, the consequences of failure are often not same. It is important to identify critical assets and to develop mitigation strategies to prevent or minimise the likelihood and consequence of failure. This involves the development of a framework and criteria against which to test assets for their criticality. The next step is to identify the assets meeting the criteria, and plot them geographically if their location impacts on the criticality. The final stage is to develop recommendations for how to treat the different classes of critical asset. Significant efficiency savings can be made by adapting asset strategies to the criticality of the assets.


Prioritisation is one of the key tools to drive efficiencies and ensure that your organisation is focusing on the right activities and processes. There are a number of different ways to prioritise and the best method will depend on your circumstances. Contact David to talk further about the suitable ways for your organisation to prioritise its projects and programmes.