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Livingstone Tanzania Trust's Appeal.

This Christmas instead of sending Christmas Cards we have made a donation to the Livingstone Tanzania Trust's Appeal to help the babati community defeat poverty.

Tanzania is an incredible country that is home to many incredible people. However, too many of the country's communities still face poverty - particularly those in rural areas. Traditional models of development are not doing enough to decrease poverty in Tanzania, often leaving problems behind for local communities to overcome alone.

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust wants to change that.

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust works together with communities, providing the tools and knowledge they need to lead themselves out of poverty. We will only instigate change that is readily wanted by the communities we work with, and we will stay until we are no longer needed.

We are immensely proud that our innovative approach is achieving exciting, tangible and positive impacts in the Manyara Region.

With our programmes that focus on education and enterprise, communities are beginning to own their development, building the skills and knowledge they need for truly sustainable and self-sufficient change. As a poverty alleviation charity the trust’s aim is to help unleash the potential within the community so that they can achieve the goals that they want to achieve for themselves.

  1. Together we build the foundations of sustainable education, unleashing the potential that lies within
  2. We support women to unleash their ambitions and aspirations
  3. We enhance local agricultural knowledge so farmers can fight poverty from the ground up

Please help alleviate poverty in Babati...

We have donated to support this programme. For more information, please click HERE





Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Infrastructure Associates is proud to support the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, a registered charity. The charity facilitates social, economic and environmental change at the grass roots level in northern Tanzania by listening and then addressing the education and enterprise needs of the community. 

For more information on the Livingstone Tanzania Trust follow the link to