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Livingstone Tanzania Trust's Christmas Appeal.

This Christmas instead of sending Christmas Cards we have made a donation to the Livingstone Tanzania Trust's Christmas Appeal.

In primary schools in Babati, northern Tanzania, where water is scare and soap costs money, children can't wash their hands as often as they should, before eating and after using the toilet. Many aren't properly aware of the dangers of dirty hands - they don't know that dirty toilets and poor hand washing are the main cause of diarrhoeal disease, which in Tanzania is still a leading cause of death in children under 5.

This Christmas, we want to ensure that all the children in the schools where we work have access to basic hand washing facilities and soap, and that they are being taught why it is so important to wash their hands correctly and when they need to wash them. We know that a good WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme can improve children's health, improve school attendance and enable even young children to participate as ‘agents of change’ for their siblings, their parents and the whole community.

Please help the children of Babati to stay healthy ...
We have donated to support this programme. For more information, please click HERE



Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Infrastructure Associates is proud to support the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, a registered charity. The charity facilitates social, economic and environmental change at the grass roots level in northern Tanzania by listening and then addressing the education and enterprise needs of the community. 

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